A bar is a place where we go out from our comfort zone to encounter new people, for interacting. We are immersing in other peoples thoughts in conversations or sinking slowly in own world. Observing people in a bar environment, seeing their internal changes reflecting outside was the initial idea to implement such a visual analysis. All sitters took part in photo sessions at free will, like we all came at the bar ‘Dėvėti, in Vilnius, Lithuania. Like meanwhile we are communicating with others, or daydreaming alone – no one tells us how to sit or where to look, for this reason, there were no instructions what so ever from the photographer. Ultimately all sitters came to the improvised “photo-studio” at the bar, which was separated by an improvised curtain, as a metaphor for the transition/transformation, but still, it was in the same bar area. This set’s, of fragmented “bar-family” portraits, the focus is more concentrated on sitter’s inner world and an attempt to capture the slow immersion into oneself without leaving the bar environment.