Conceptual documentary photography book that is analysing connection between our consciousness and subconsciousness. How does our consciousness is perceiving visual objects when any details that would indicate scale are removed. As a metaphor of this link a numerous under-bridges were photographed in Newport, U.K.
As a subconscious approach to this concept Gemma Welsher painted illustrations for my photography.

Book is available for purchase.

Title of publication: CONNECTED
Design: Eugenijus Barzdžius
Paintings: Gemma Welsher
Press: blurb
Publication date: 2012
Place of publication: Newport, U.K.
Edition size: Print on demand
Format: Hardcover, Imagewrap
Size: 25×20 cm
Number of pages: 36
Type of printing: blurb
Type of paper: Premium Paper, matte finish